Ayo technology. A friend of mine raised an interesting point during a recent lunch date conversation about Tiger Woods's many indiscretions (you'd have to live under a rock not to be tired of hearing this story by now). It was a follow-up to one friend's statement to the effect of "What is wrong with people lately? It seems like every time I turn around someone else is cheating." Another friend answered, "I don't think more people are cheating, I think technology makes it easier to get caught."

Interesting point, right? That statement is the inspiration behind this week's edition of Tech Dating 101. I hadn't really thought of it before now, but I think that she's right. Even ten years ago it was common to go out without a cell phone, and we certainly weren't tweeting, texting, or otherwise, posting details of our life to the degree we do now. And even if you want to keep a text message private, it could be nearly impossible (just ask Tiger). To see what the optimist in me thinks,


We've all heard stories about relationships ending because one partner snoops through email or text messages. Not to mention that a cheater will have to go to far greater lengths these days to keep illicit action under wraps.


The optimist in me wants to think that perhaps technology will keep would-be cheaters in line, especially with all the recent attention on the Woods case. Do you think that's overly optimistic? And do you think that tech plays a big part in infidelity?

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