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Most Common Photography Mistakes

Photography guru Andre Gunther has put together a great list of the The Ten Most Common Photographic Mistakes. Topping the list is cluttered images, which attempt to capture too much.

"In photography, less is often more," says Gunther. "Before pressing the shutter-release button, ask yourself what you first noticed in a scene that made you want to take this photo. Then try to isolate whatever you saw, without including too much in the scene. Otherwise the viewer will get confused and will start wondering what you wanted to show and why you bothered taking the photo in the first place."

Also on the list:

  • There is no Bad Weather in Photography - This is a myth. For Photography there is no such thing as bad weather. In fact, I have consistently taken my best photos in what most people consider bad weather.
  • No Patience - Patience is a virtue. I took one of my best images in Yosemite in Winter. Winter can really test your patience.
  • The Digital Attitude - Digital Photography is a blessing. You can take as many photos as you want without paying a dime and you can get instant feedback in the field. However, people often use the feedback the wrong way. When you ask ten people with a "digicam" what they like best about their camera, a large percentage will tell you that the best feature of digital cameras is that they can delete pictures they don't like!
iAMthefuture iAMthefuture 9 years
i so wan a new camera
c0rkie c0rkie 10 years
awesome tips :D
woodycakes woodycakes 10 years
looks like ive done all those mistakes.
AlliJean AlliJean 10 years
This reminds me of that goal to step up my photography skills. Thanks for the tips!
kidora kidora 10 years
Really good tips. Hi-five.
Supermom Supermom 10 years
Thanks for the info, I just got a mid class digital camera as a gift and this article has helped.
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