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Movie Studios Sending Warnings to Stop Illegal Downloading Via Internet Providers

Geek Tip: Beware of the Dreaded Illegal Download Letter

Lifehacker reports that a reader recently got a letter from her ISP provider, warning her that Paramount/Dreamworks was aware of her illegal downloading via BitTorrent. And while they weren't suing her, nor was her internet being cut off, the letter from Cablevision was a warning.

This particular reader had downloaded over 30 movies when she received the letter and has stopped downloading and implored Lifehacker as to what's next.

Many commenters reported getting the letter for downloading copyrighted material and not having been disconnected or sued, and therefore felt it was a mere scare tactic (that worked quite well, I might add). On the other hand, a Sugar co-worker tells me that her friend got a warning letter and has been disconnected ever since (including being black-balled in other locations, too). Whatever your downloading habits, just be aware that this could happen to you, too! Be careful, geeks.


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