Recently, AOL's Switched had the pleasure of talking with gadget goddess Emmy Rossum. While busy on the road, Emmy always makes sure she has her BlackBerry and iPod on hand to keep her company. Just like the rest of us, she sometimes forgets to lock her cell phone and ends up calling the last number she dialed—oops! Here are some of the highlights from the interview:

On what cell phone she has right now and what she loves/hates about it? "I have the new LG ENV. I love the keyboard (as it makes texting so fast and fun), the high quality camera and camcorder! I like downloading ring tones to my phone of whatever song I'm loving at the moment."

  • Is she a Mac or PC girl? "Mac. I love iTunes, iPhoto and the laptop built-in camera is great for "seeing" friends and family when I travel."
  • On what gadget she would take with her on a stranded island: "Probably an iPhone. I would have music, movies, and contact with my friends on instant messenger while calling to be rescued! "
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