While he may have suffered from an initial technological learning curve, my dad has developed a remarkable aptitude for Facebook. A few months ago I helped him set up his own profile, mainly to connect with old high school and college friends, but also to easily share family photos. Well, Dad has now taken "sharing" into "overshare" territory after learning how to tag Facebook photos.

I'm not anti-tag, though I do support using the feature judiciously. My rule of thumb: if you don't think it's a flattering photo, chances are the person you're tagging won't think it's flattering either. I've even started leaving photos mostly untagged, allowing friends to tag themselves. I also like a friend's approach: asking if it's OK to add a tag to a photo.

My father practices no such restraint. Yesterday, I woke up to a flurry of Facebook emails stating I'd been tagged by Dad in some photos taken over the holiday. Some? Try 20, and about two of them were close to being flattering photos. Perhaps it's a little vain of me, but seriously Dad? Can you at least try to uphold my online rep? Untag this photo!

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