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I'm a firm believer that a person's workspace says a lot about them. Some are meticulously clean (ahem, PartySugar), some a wee bit messy (ahem, yours truly) and some are neat, polished and organized (ahem, Phasekitty).

Phasekitty was kind enough to share her favorite gadgets at home and at work. "I take my MacLappy (my Macbook) back and forth with me, but when I get home I've got my prized iMac + AVID (MacAvid, for short) that I use for video editing (that's why I have all the external hard drives)," says Phasekitty. "Okay, so I name all of my computers (the PC in the left corner of Home I just call "piece," take that as you will...I'm a converted Mac lover Smiling), so call me a geek if you will, but I'm currently in love with both my home and work set up."

"My work changes a lot (I work in movies, so when shooting is over I get a new office on a new flick), but this one has a nice little place to tuck my HP All-In-One, and how dorky is it that I love that dry erase board? Not a gadget, but still a lot of fun!"

I want to know what's in your purse, on your desktop and in your pockets. Send me pictures of your favorite gadgets by adding them to our My Favorite Gadgets! group. I'll feature the greatest (and most inventive) pictures here on geeksugar.

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