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My First Computer Reader Memories

Reader Redux: Memories of Your First Computer

Giving a geeky girl her first computer is like getting a young baker her first Kitchenaid or a fashionista her first fancy handbag. It's a moment she'll remember forever. Yesterday, I asked you how old most of you were when you got your original computer, and nostalgia ensued. Here are some of the fond memories.

  • We had a desktop at home throughout my middle school and high school years. I used it a lot throughout, but obviously I was not allowed my own or one in my room. I got my own laptop when I went to college, a PC. That lasted me four years. When I went to law school I got a Macbook and have never looked back. — Happsmjc
  • Considering that I am thirty, my first computer was a prototype IBM PCjr. That was way back in 1985. Yeah, do the math. I was five, baby! I even had an email account on Prodigy at that age. God, I can even out geek myself sometimes. — Transcowgurhl
  • Christmas when I was 11. A terrible eMachines desktop whose power button broke so that it would shut down and automatically turn back on. That computer was supposed to last me for years, I don't think it even made it to one. It was in the basement, but it was mine. Then after that I got a Sony desktop. The difference was alarming. — kaykayelle
  • I asked for a computer, got a typewriter instead. My first was a TSR-80SX, inherited from a former in-law. — Anonymous
  • It was 2000, I was 17 and I got a laptop for graduation. — hex913
  • I was 8 or 9, and my grandmother sent us a Commodore 64! We had those big flat floppy disks to use. I think I just played Wheel of Fortune on it. — JLollie
  • I'm so grateful for my aunt to introduce me to my first computer. She gave me my first on at 8 years old. I've been in front the computer ever since. She taught me everything I know and now I'm teaching her everything I've learned. — jackiemiller

Relive your first computer memories in the original thread and keep talking geek in our community groups.

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Ghostgirl Ghostgirl 6 years
Are you sure your PC Jr. was a prototype? They'd been out for a year in 85 - we got ours as soon as they shipped in March of '84. Those were such great little machines :D
juepucta juepucta 6 years
I had a PCjr as well. Loved it. Thermal paper printer from hell and 5 inch floppies. I remember really digging the math games. Simultaneously at school, i was using an Apple IIe on regular basis (remember Logo and teh turtle?) After that i had a Tandy. It had some espectacularly crappy GUI that wanted to be windows but wasn't. And then there were the compatibility issues. In any case, i remember using the draw application a lot. That and playing Double Dragon. Third computer was a 486 with Windows 3 (around that same time i was using Power PCs at school). And then it is all kinda predictable. What i find funny is that while at home i always had a DOS/Win computer (ok, the PCjr was BASIC) at school and, later in life, work i've always had Apple/Macs. -G.
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