I've celebrated my boyfriend, the geeky guys I love, and now I've got to give it up for my imaginary boyfriends on Valentine's Day too! And my big, ultimate (for right now anyway), TV crush is Jim Halpert. Not John Krasinski, but Jim Halpert.

Is obsessed too strong a word? I've loved Jim since The Office started airing, because he represents my kind of guy — the geeky but adorable guy who was too shy to talk to girls in high school, but who eventually comes into their own based on smarts and a killer personality. I think Jim's a fox, but his attraction, for me, is definitely rooted in his geekiness. I've never swooned harder than when I saw Jim playing Second Life and Call of Duty (the real John's no slouch in the tech department either — he's narrated Ask.com and Apple TV commercials!). Sigh. Happy Valentine's Day, Fake TV Boyfriend!