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Will My Laptop Recover From a Spill?

Ask a Geek Girl: Will My Laptop Dry Out?

I got this frantic text from a friend last night: "I just spilled tea on my MacBook Pro and now it won't turn on. I think it's gone." While my initial reaction was the same as hers (cry), I instinctively told her to take out the battery (which hadn't gotten wet), dry off the laptop as much as she could, and pop the whole thing in a bag of rice. I know more than a few BlackBerrys and iPhones that have been saved this way. I've never heard of a laptop in a bag of rice coming out unscathed, though. Have you? Or do you have any other tips? She's planning on leaving it in the bag to dry for a few days, but she's worried it may be too late. Please share any helpful success stories!

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TrulyLoved TrulyLoved 7 years
Theses are all great tips. Just be advised that any sort of liquid damage is going to cost you a bundle to fix. sometimes it is so bad it cannot be fixed. If the computer doesn't work completely after waiting a week of letting it dry, I'd recommend buying a new one. EVERYTHING is just under the keyboard, and just because it does work for a while, it is always a possibility it will not work later on. If you do bring it in to Apple, BE HONEST... We hate having to call back with news YOU already knew about. Expect to pay about 1300$ for damage on a macbook pro and about 800$ on a macbook. In other words, just buy a new one.
BrittneyMcG BrittneyMcG 7 years
Months ago my roommate's boyfriend spilled a vodka & sprite cocktail all over my open MacBook. The best advice I got right there on the spot was to NOT turn it on until it was completely dried out. So, I took out the battery and propped my MacBook up like an upside down V. I waited 3 days before I tried to see if it turned on, and it did! To this day the keys stick a bit, but I'm just happy it's still kickin'.
nikki815 nikki815 7 years
I spilled a glass of wine on the keyboard of my laptop a few years ago. I immediately flipped it upside down and put it on a towel to dry for the night. Talk about a buzzkill. Sadly, I did wind up having to replace it. It worked for a few weeks with slight impaired function until it finally burned out and I got the blue screen of death. Sorry its not better news, but good luck.
eapril eapril 7 years
This happened to me literally five days ago. I spilled water on my MacBook, did all the damage control your'e supposed to do - turn it off, take out the battery, dry off what you can, let it dry completely before trying to use it again. I even took a blow dryer (on the cold setting) to it, to ensure it was dry. It worked after that but the screen would flicker and I couldn't charge it at all. I took it to Apple and was told that there was a lot of corrosion and it was ruined. However, because of the MacBook's design and the wall built in front of the hard drive, all my files could be saved. Needles to say, I had to buy a new MacBook and they transferred everything from my old hard drive onto my new one. Also, just a side note - my dad has spilled a cocktail (scotch and amaretto) on his PowerBook, which is at least five years old, and it still works fine, apart for some keys that stick from time to time. ANNOYING that his works after a booze spill and mine doesn't work after water touches it.
skigurl skigurl 7 years
i know a girl who spilled liquid on her boyfriend's macbook and it ended up working after a few days, but i don't know how she dried it out
Purly Purly 7 years
You gave her the right advice.
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