My older sis finally took her younger sister's advice and purchased a BlackBerry Bold. And since she lives in Canada, the lucky duck was able to scoop one up before the rest of us. She paid $500 through Rogers (the bigwig network there) and is on a three-year contract — yeah, bold and beautiful items don't come cheap. And how is she finding it so far?

Considering she upgraded from a Treo 650 smartphone (which wasn't very smart at all), she's already loving the fact that it isn't freezing every 20 seconds like her buggy old phone. But having to teach herself the basics of the BlackBerry is a feat in itself — kinda like learning to write with your left hand after you've been right-handed your entire life, ya know? I'm heading up there this weekend, and can't wait to get my greasy hands all over it — so stay tuned for a full review next week!