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Are You Still Using MySpace?

It seems like only yesterday that MySpace was on top of the social network charts. Millions of users flocked to the site to check out what their friends were doing, to find new music, and blog, but now, the tables have most definitely turned to Facebook's favor. Trying to keep up with the Joneses, MySpace is revamping its site by rolling out new streamlined profiles, along with new features in an attempt to keep users' attention. For instance, you can now sync up your MySpace blog to Facebook so all of your friends who have moved on to the 500-million-plus site can check out your daily musings without ever having to, you know, leave Facebook.

It's a nice idea, but I'm more curious to know if you're still using MySpace at all? I haven't logged in to my profile in a long time, and unfortunately I have a feeling I'm not alone.

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RoaringSilence RoaringSilence 7 years
I have a handful of people that are only on there, not facebook. And it's easier to stalk people there xD I use it about once every two weeks.
Livvy-P Livvy-P 7 years
I deleted my account a couple years ago - I barely used it to begin with, I'm not sure why I ever opened an account! I'm actually barely on FB anymore, but I'm keeping the account so that I can see what family and friends are doing in different parts of the country/world.
disneycouture disneycouture 7 years
Anyways, deleted myspace 2 years ago. just was over it, it was stupid, and just seemed so outdated by facebook
disneycouture disneycouture 7 years
It was just the "it" thing to do, make a myspace, layout, bulletins, etc. But then facebook came along and it was simpler, easier, faster, and I didn't get tons of spam, ugly glitter icons that blinked and played music, and could control a lot more. Plus facebook is synced to many different websites, including Flickr!
WarEagleNurse WarEagleNurse 7 years
gd101 gd101 7 years
No. Never have and never will.
coaboytoy coaboytoy 7 years
It's not so much that the design was terrible (it was) but that it was so customizable - made anyone with basic knowledge of HTML be able to vomit all over their page with glitter and oversized photobucket pics. Design fail.
juicebox07 juicebox07 7 years
I agree with imLissy. Facebook's layout is far more appealing than myspace ever was. I rarely ever log on to myspace.
elramos elramos 7 years
I deleted mines altogether last year.
imLissy imLissy 7 years
I don't understand how it got so popular in the first place. It had a terrible layout full of tables within tables within tables and it was incredibly buggy! They deserve to lose all of their users. That's not how you run a website! Facebook may not be perfect, but at least it's well designed and they make updates frequently.
suziryder suziryder 7 years
After I had gone about two years without logging into my MySpace account, I deleted it a few months ago. I wasn't using it anymore and it seemed the only thing it was good for anymore was being a target for hackers. I don't miss it!
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