How would you feel if you had difficulty logging into your MySpace account only to discover a note from MySpace in your inbox that says: "It has come to MySpace's attention that you are a registered sex offender in one or more jurisdictions."

This actually happened to a woman named Jessica Davis, who is not a registered sex offender but was blocked by the site. The block comes only a few weeks after the online community announced it would give up the names of known offenders to state authorities.

According to ABC News, Davis is not listed anywhere in the Department of Justice's National Sex Offender Public Registry and a criminal background search on Davis turned up zero results. Although the federal registry did find a sex offender named Jessica Davis (with a different middle name) in Utah, who is a registered sex offender. For more on this story,

At present, Jessica's claimed innocence is being investigated by MySpace (and no, don't try adding her as a new friend). Meanwhile Sentinal, the company hired by MySpace to find sex offenders, continues on in their efforts to red flag any registered offenders who have MySpace accounts. What are your feelings on this? Is MySpace being too overzealous with this new initiative?