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Nadya Suleman Gets Caught Driving While Talking On Her Cell Phone

Oops! Nadya Suleman Breaks the Hands Free Cell Phone Law

One would think, especially with so many children, Nadya Suleman would be a safety pro and abide by California law by using a Bluetooth device or a hands free cell phone earpiece while operating a motor vehicle.

Sadly, this wasn't the case when the famous mother of fourteen was caught yesterday gabbing on her cell phone while driving by police. The Hands Free Law — which kicked into effect last July — is intended to make drivers more aware while driving — and therefore decreasing traffic accidents. With fun iPhone apps and hands free earpiece devices like the one Eva Mendes uses, there really aren't any excuses.

Now onto something more entertaining, a recent funny clip from Desperate Housewives when Susan had a similar Nadya incident. To watch just



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