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Geek Culture
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Geek Culture
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National Unplug Day

Will You Unplug For 24 Hours?

Sundown on March 23 marks the beginning of National Unplug Day, a day when citizens are encouraged to untether themselves from their electronics for a full 24 hours. Being the tech-obsessed geek that I am, the thought of being without my laptop and/or smartphone gives me pause, but considering the fact that many Americans face Internet and social media withdrawal symptoms like anxiety and loneliness, a tech detox may be just the thing we need to keep our nerves (and priorities) in check.

But will you take advantage of this 24 hours of technology-free bliss?

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springfellow3 springfellow3 5 years
Technology is the only parameter sustaining Spring vital processes and neural processes in phase with Airwolf. Imagine now you, fellow article writters, what would result from a Digital Detox!!!!! No need to brainstorm, I suppose....... I can see the bulb with a filament already glowing an IDEA...... Guess........
testadura67 testadura67 5 years
I would normally say this would be no problem, but I don't have a land line, just my cell phone. Considering it's my best friend's 30th bday party Saturday, not being able to call and coordinate isn't really an option. But the idea of ditching the internet for a day sounds like a breath of fresh air to be honest.
Surreal-Hippie Surreal-Hippie 5 years
How will I know when the day is over without my technology to tell me!?! ;)
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