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Neiman Marcus Emails Its Customers with Security Assurance about Online Shopping with Them

Do Security Assurances Make Online Shopping Feel Safer?

I thought everyone was up on what to avoid on the Internet in order to not get scammed, but after an intelligent friend told me she'd fallen for a Nigerian email scam, I didn't balk when I received an email from Neiman Marcus, with the message below.

As a geek, I know not to ever send sensitive personal information requested in an email, but I appreciate that Neiman's is doing this, that is, specifically seeking out their online customers to reassure them that their info is safe and that they will never request this info in an email.

I will continue to be savvy, but I admit that this does make me feel better about online shopping, in the sense that the stores are aware of scams that could involve them. What about you?

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ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
i have to say that these things don't really influence me at all. i try to keep on top of the latest scams and things to look for if i do make purchases online, so this is a nice thing to know but really not all that influential.
alliallialli alliallialli 8 years
Oh man I didn't know about the https:! Good tip..
lovely2190 lovely2190 8 years
same here glam sugar, I always check to make sure that it is https: before the address.
glam-sugar glam-sugar 8 years
Yes, they make me feel better too. I make sure never to order anything that isn't on a secure server (which will have https: before the address) and that it's a company that I've heard of.
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