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Netflix Apologizes for Service Outage

Do You Appreciate When Services Apologize for Being Down?

I was throwing a hissy fit yesterday when I saw that Netflix had still not sent me my Mad Men DVD, and then an hour later I got this in an email, explaining their outage. It wasn't the only outage this week: Gmail went down for a while on Monday, and then the next day, the Gmail Blog posted an explanation.

I gotta be honest: I'm not used to this kind of customer service. The transparency and honest "we screwed up" apology is not something I'm used to from a service provider; if my cable goes out, Comcast will hardly call me up to say, "Hi, we're so sorry your cable is out. Hope you didn't miss Project Runway!" All in all, I appreciate this straightforward behavior — these emails and blog posts were unexpected and a breath of fresh air, and make me happy to be a customer of Netflix and Gmail. What about you; do you care when you get apology emails like this, or does it not make a difference?

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