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Netflix to Start Charging a Dollar Extra to Subscribers Who Use Blu-ray Discs

Have You Gone High-Def Yet?

I'm super bummed out about the news that I have to pay an extra dollar a month to Netflix just to get Blu-ray discs, even though obviously it's not that big of a deal. I know they cost more (for now) and a buck isn't a huge price to pay, but I just feel like I'm being punished for being a geek and adopting the best technology available!

You know I've made the switch to Blu-ray, HDTV, and a Playstation 3 since I bragged about my Sex and the City surprise last week, but what about you? Do you have a high-def TV yet, and/or a Blu-ray player (the PS3 of course counts)?


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milkradio milkradio 8 years
We don't have an HDTV in our house yet... We recently upgraded to a DVR though, which has actually been quite an improvement over regular cable. I really hope we can get a HDTV and a DVD player that supports blu-ray discs (although I'm really annoyed that I wouldn't be able to play blu-ray discs on my laptop which is where I watch ALL my movies when I'm at university...).
vitisva vitisva 8 years
our flat screen has high def capabilities but we haven't hooked that all up And as for Blu-ray - I just don't feel sold on it
lovely2190 lovely2190 8 years
I still have regular dvd but i do have a HDTV television
NikeLove NikeLove 8 years
I;m still a dvd user, HDTV is pretty cool but I'm content where I am now
mrskrismendoza mrskrismendoza 8 years
I still use DVD's. We have 100's of them, and they are wonderful.
devils devils 8 years
Yessss =D But no blu-ray
neko neko 8 years
We haven't gotten a Blu-Ray player yet, and when we do, it will most likely be a PS3. I did pre-order WALL-E in Blu-Ray though, so we'll need to pick one up by the time it arrives :)
chrisTyyy chrisTyyy 8 years
I still watch TV on my 20 inch tube tv, cause the HD TV gives me a headache sometimes.
chrisTyyy chrisTyyy 8 years
I'm just like you Dana, we got a HDTV just for the xbox lol.
marinewifey marinewifey 8 years
We have an HDTV and last year we purchased an HD DVD player... well we all know how that turned out. :( We will soon be getting a Blu-Ray player, because we loved our HD DVD player so much.
ChicBookFiend ChicBookFiend 8 years
I've got an HDTV but have a regular HD DVD player. I haven't upgraded to Blu-Ray yet.
ohkate ohkate 8 years
we watch almost all over out tv shows in hd and have both a blue-ray and hd player (sony playstation and xbox 360). we've stopped buying hd or blue-ray though unless we REALLY want the movie. no point spending loads on a format that is going to quickly be old news q:
hex913 hex913 8 years
I haven't yet, but I want to. I need to save money for an HDTV.
Tech Tech 8 years
cmd0610--I know what you mean about Bravo! Why don't they have an HD channel yet? Can you imagine how much greater Project Runway would be??
queenlizzie queenlizzie 8 years
I was actually kind of annoyed that Netflix started charging the extra buck. It seems so trivial, and it's **so** rare that I actually get a Blu-ray disc, it was a light kick to the teeth.
Deidre Deidre 8 years
Call me crazy, but I don't like seeing every single pore on an actor's face! The fiance feels differently, so we have the HDTV...
cmd0610 cmd0610 8 years
We have a PS3 and a HDTV and the quality is amazing! Watching channels like Bravo disturbs me bc you get so used to the quality of HD . . anyways about blu-ray I was annoyed at the $1 charge also, even though it isn't much, but since we forked over for the PS3 might as well get the blu-ray disks to make it useful.
macgirl macgirl 8 years
We just got our blu-ray player a week ago. We ended up getting the PS3 so we could have the console and the player. I am shocked by the quality. I won't be replacing all my old DVD's though as I really suspect that most of this is going to go completely digital in the next few years.
Dana18 Dana18 8 years
My husband got us a HDTV a year ago. He had to have it so he cold play with his Xbox in HD.
ehadams ehadams 8 years
I have a high def TV and got a free bluray player when I bought it. But I still end up playing mostly normal dvds, and I told Netflix to cancel my bluray service. I don't tend to buy them either because they are so expensive compared to regular dvds, and not that much better. But I do love my HDTV, it is huge and beautiful- I just wish more channels were in HD because everything else looks bad on it.
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