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Netflix Streaming Alternatives

Netflix Alternatives to Online Streaming

Netflix recently shocked its customers by announcing that it would split its streaming and DVD rental company in half, essentially forcing customers to deal with two separate subscriptions — Netflix for streaming, and newly founded company Quickster for DVDs.

Netflix's recent price bump may have angered customers, but this move has sent loyal movie watchers over the edge. GeekSugar Twitter users have said that they're ready to cancel both subscriptions completely, relying on other forms of streaming to get their entertainment fix. If you're cutting ties with Netflix (and Quickster), here are some alternatives to try.

  • Hulu Plus — The $8 monthly subscription fee for Hulu Plus allows access to the most current episodes of TV shows and has an even larger catalog of movies available than its free Hulu counterpart. Available via iOS, Android, select gaming consoles, Samsung TVs, and computer systems.
  • Blockbuster Total Access — Pricing models give customers the option to rent DVDs for home delivery with a subscription plan for $10 or $15, choose to rent DVDs without subscriptions, or stream films online on demand.
  • Epix — A joint venture between movie studios Viacom, Paramount, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, and Lionsgate, Epix offers 150 movies; though, it can only be accessed through an existing cable subscription.
  • Amazon — The online retailer recently signed an agreement with CBS making shows like Star Trek and The Tudors available instantly on the site. Over 8,000 video titles are available instantly via Amazon for a fee.
  • Walmart VUDU — Walmart's own streaming media service, VUDU, is accessible online or through VUDU-enabled devices like certain HDTVs, Blu-ray players, or PlayStation 3. Customers do not sign up for a subscription, but rather pay per film viewing. Rentals begin at $3, with new releases starting at $4 and higher for HD-quality streams; many movies can be purchased for unlimited viewing for $15.
  • Facebook — Though currently limited to select options like Doctor Who episodes and The Dark Knight, we'll stay tuned for more streaming developments from the social network in the future.
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