Let's face it, Apple could be selling an actual apple and the keynote would still be exciting. So I'm cautiously optimistic about Apple TV and its new enhancements; Steve Jobs certainly made it sound cool and revolutionary, but how welcome is it in the world of movie rental?

I'm all for renting movies in the most convenient way possible (hence my love for Netflix), but I'm not sure I want to put down $229 for the box and then $3 to $5 each time I rent. Rental prices are equivalent to those you would find at brick-and-mortar stores, but I feel like a monthly flat fee (in Netflix's case, under 20 bucks for unlimited three-at-a-time rentals) is more reasonable, even with snail mail factored in. I have to admire Jobs's tenacity, though — the man has been riding high on knowing what people want.

It seems as though Apple didn't announce the release of an e-book reader because, in his words from yesterday's New York Times interview, Amazon's Kindle won't go anywhere because "people don't read anymore." I have to assume that based on that, he thinks people are not only renting movies more than ever, but they want a better way to do it.