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250 New Emojis Can't Come Soon Enough

Jun 22 2014 - 9:20am

We've got good news and bad news (but mostly good) in Emojiland.

The good: A new set of emojis is coming! Unicode, the organization that creates emojis and standardizes text across all software, has released an update [1] that includes a middle finger — it's true! — and more life-changing symbols.

The bad: We have to wait on Apple, Google, and Microsoft for word as to when the emoji will actually hit our phones and what, exactly, it will look like. Just because Unicode has drawn up a middle finger sadly doesn't necessarily mean it will make it to our iPhones. (Similarly, Apple has promised it will make emoji symbols more diverse [2], and just because Unicode hasn't released characters of color doesn't mean it won't happen.)

What we know for sure is that Unicode came out with a chart [3] featuring the new symbols highlighted in yellow and said there were "approximately 250" additions in total.


Here are the ones we can't wait to see — for better or for worse — assuming developers will make them happen:

What's the emoji for "can't wait"?

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Source: Emojipedia [6] and Etsy user theonlyship [7]

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