Yesterday, I got an early look at the newest games slated to hit the iPod Touch and iPhone this Fall and Winter. I was pretty impressed with the graphics and low learning curve it took just to pick up and play these newest games, but to be honest, they're going to have to compete with Spore Origins for my coveted iPhone play time! New titles include an awesome mobile version of Need for Speed, which looked like a blast to play, as well as a cute platformer called Rolando that has your character rolling along a course, which was totally reminiscent of the super-cute PSP game I loved called LocoRoco.

But my favorite of this batch had to be a Tetris inspired title that has you stacking blocks to reach a goal — simple, yet addictive. But unlike Tetris, you have the accelerometer to deal with, so you have to keep it steady! It's called Topple, and it looks like it would take up plenty of those free minutes I accumulate on the bus! Thankfully, Topple is available now in the App Store for 99 cents, so I can get my game on today!