The New Iomega eGo Portable Hard Drive

Looks may be deceiving, but don't be fooled: I promise this is a sexier and sleeker version of the eGo drive I reviewed last year.

This much lighter, third generation, 320GB drive offers built-in antivirus software and an impressive rugged aluminum exterior that can withstand a 1.3 meter drop, which you know as well as I do is very important when you're lugging around a device that holds your important data.

Online, this puppy will cost you around $95, which is pretty affordable, considering I've heard of similar devices going for upwards of $150.


After a few months of use, I had some issues with my first eGo drive, so I was pleased to hear Iomega is offering a three-year warranty on the third gen drives. What really irks me, though, is that these drives are primarily built for PCs, not Macs. The included USB cord comes with a cord to plug into your drive and two attached USB cords to plug into your laptop. On many Macs, there are two USB ports (on opposite sides of the laptop), so plugging in both cords is practically impossible. Although your drive may be able to run with only one USB cord plugged in, it isn't sufficient power to experience the high-speed data transfer rates. And sadly, a powered USB bus isn't included, even though there is an auxiliary power port for it. So if you really want to use it on your Mac, you'd have to invest in one.

This is the midnight blue version, but it is also available in red, silver, and black. With the noteworthy upgrades from the last eGo, I think this eGo is worthy of four stars.

Ooh, I like. This would be such a step up from my gigantic monster of an external hard drive that I have currently. Thanks for pictures of it next to an iphone, very helpful in gauging the size. :)
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