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New Kitchen Computer Debuts in France

Meet the Qooq, a Computer For the Kitchen

I would love to have a dedicated computer to use in the kitchen. Usually if I'm testing a new recipe from one of my favorite food blogs or websites I sit my laptop on the counter and toss a towel over the keyboard to keep it safe from spills or other kitchen mishaps. A French company decided to capitalize on the kitchen computer idea and just introduced the Qooq (warning: the site is in French), a new type of computer specifically designed to use in the kitchen.

The Qooq (pronounced "cook") features an easily-cleaned glass touch screen and comes preloaded with 500 recipes and 10 chef-provided recipe videos. It costs $515 for the device and initial recipes, monthly updates are available for $20. One downside: there isn't a web browser, so recipes are limited to those loaded onto the device — therefore, sadly no Internet browsing for recipes. I love this idea, but right now it's only available in French — time to dust off my class notes from college!

Would you buy a dedicated kitchen cooking device, or do you prefer to use your home computer?

Join The Conversation
bleached bleached 7 years
That's awesome. This is definitely my sort of gadget.
T-S T-S 7 years
I bring my laptop into the kitchen. I'd like to get some kind of stand for it so it sits up a bit higher.
Elfyn Elfyn 7 years
A Chumby would definitely be cuter. ;)
slackferno slackferno 7 years
Wouldn't a Chumby be cheaper and easier? And give you music to cook by?
Akasha Akasha 7 years
I wanted something similar for watching cooking shows and having recipes up. I found a used mac mini for a couple hundred bucks, and mounted a cheap LCD monitor on the wall and I have a computer in the kitchen. The keyboard is wireless so it can be kept away from getting spilled on. Since it's a full computer I can watch the cooking shows on the Food Network, and Hulu and I can search recipes.
b1uebunn b1uebunn 7 years
This is a cool idea, but it definitely needs a browser. I'm betting we'll see more of this type of thing as time goes on. Very interesting!
hokiepokie hokiepokie 7 years
It looks cool, but it kind of sounds like it's just an electronic cookbook.
wmoonw wmoonw 7 years
I have been thinking about getting a kitchen computer, but no browser, no thank you. . . . I am planning to put in an eeeTouch, and then I can put in whatever recipes I want. It's one thing to have a dedicated kitchen computer, but not being able to do anything else with it would be a pain.
aistea311 aistea311 7 years
Umm for that much I would just bring my laptop and keep it connected to the food network website.
falnfenix falnfenix 7 years
i can't justify the cost of yet another device when i already have an iPod Touch and a laptop, both of which would work for this purpose.
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