While the US smartphone market is still dominated by iPhones and Android devices, Nokia is still the worldwide leader and is aiming to grow their market share in the US. Last week, Nokia announced the creation of a new and unique app called Nokia Situations that will change your phone's behavior based on various situations in your day-to-day life. For example, based on your schedule, the phone's ringer can be silenced when the phone knows you're in a meeting.

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For the app to work, it requires a bit of configuration — like teaching your phone how it's suppose to act when you're sleeping, working, or commuting. Programmed "situations" can be based on time of day, calendar events, your current location, or even Bluetooth connections. You then tell the phone how you want it to act: turning off the ringer, opening a certain app, changing its theme, and many more actions.

The free app is available now and works on a wide range of Nokia devices. I wish there was an iPhone app for this, too!