Where do I begin?! This morning at Apple's "It's Only Rock and Roll" Event here in San Francisco, it was all about the music (a new and improved iTunes) and the iPod (new shuffles, a better iPod Classic, and a new Nano with a builtin video camera to compete with the Flip). Sites like Gizmodo and Engadget were there to catch all of the live coverage, so here's a quick recap . . . And yes, Steve Jobs opened the keynote to receive a standing ovation from the audience.

The new iPod Nano is here! Boasting a camera that will capture video (with sound) and still images, the new Nano will replace that clunky video cam you used to lug around. Available today in a variety of bright colors, the fifth generation Nano will cost $149 for the 8GB and $179 for the 16GB.

To see what else was announced, just


The iPod classic is still going strong. Apple has just bumped its capacity to 160GB for the same price as the previous 120GB version, $249. That's a whole lotta tunes.


The teeny iPod shuffle is now available in fun colors like green, blue, or pink, with the original black and silver devices still available as well. They will be priced at $59 for the 2GB model, and $79 for the 4GB model.