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New Star Tours at Disneyland

3 Reasons to Brave the Star Tours Lines This Summer

Fresh from a year-long redesign, Star Tours: The Adventure Continues opened to the general Disneyland California public over the weekend — just in time for the Summer season . . . and crowds. Fear not Star Wars fans, here are three reasons those long lines may be worth the wait.

  1. Guests can experience 54 different story lines in six possible destinations, including Tatooine and Hoth, so it's unlikely to experience the same adventure twice.
  2. With a 21st-century makeover, Star Tours now boasts 3D video (riders wear 3D glasses), HD screens, and an increased range of motion for the in-flight simulator.
  3. Stories bridge both Star Wars trilogies, so expect to run into both classic and newer characters. The upside? C-3PO is your co-pilot. The downside is Jar Jar Binks may stumble on the scene.

A must-have Star Tours app, and watch Darth Vader as he hops on a few Disneyland rides after the jump.

Before heading to either of the US Disney parks, download the Star Tours Live app, which tracks line wait times. Finally, check out Darth Vader and his loyal Stormtroopers join the Star Tours festivities in Disney's newest park ad.

Join The Conversation
Angelica-Marden Angelica-Marden 6 years
Jar Jar Binks ruins everything.
savagecabbage savagecabbage 6 years
Reluctant though I am to accept change, I must admit that that commercial is AWESOME and I sort of need to ride it immediately. Hopefully the universe will grace me with a IV, V, or VI "tour".
stuckonmyeyes stuckonmyeyes 6 years
I would be super pissed if I waited in a two hour line to end up on Naboo or under water with Jar Jar's kin folk! Jus' sayin' p.s. The add for Disneyland with Darth Vader and the storm troopers is hella funny.
Kelly-Schwarze Kelly-Schwarze 6 years
Elle619 - How fun! Do you remember which story sequence or characters you saw during your ride? Tessmyrnamay - I'm with you on the Hoth visit!
elle619 elle619 6 years
I was lucky enough to preview the ride last week before it opened to the public. It is awesome and if you're a Star Wars fan I would say it is worth the wait. I can't wait to ride again and again.
Kristy-Ellington Kristy-Ellington 6 years
Thanks for the tip tessamyrnamay! I'll have to try that trick :)
tessamyrnamay tessamyrnamay 6 years
Can you slip the guy a five to make sure you get the Hoth tour? That's where Han & Leia were the hottest, by far. The line-wait-time app sounds genius- I wish they had those for San Francisco coffee shops..
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