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Is It Ever OK to Dump Someone Via Text Message?

Not long ago a friend confessed that she was dumped over a text message. To make matters worse, the guy in the equation was her boyfriend of five years. Ouch. A breakup is hard enough as it is, but reduce the transaction to 140 characters or less, and it seems downright cruel.

In my friend group, breaking up with someone via text (heck, even email) still inspires words like coward and jerk. It used to be that dumping your former honey over the phone was the absolute worst. As we get further and further into the digital dating pool, phone breakups are starting to sound refreshing — a real voice even minus the face seems postmodern in a world of Twitter, Facebook, and email.

If your last tryst ended in a face-to-face conversation, you may be part of a dying breed. The mobile social network MocoSpace surveyed 20,000 of its members and 57 percent of those individuals do their dumping over the phone, with 47 percent texting the dumpee.

Even though I think a breakup text is coldhearted, my 21-year-old cousin totally disagrees. Since so many of her conversations take place over text, email, IM, and online networks, getting dumped/hitched/asked out over a text seems like an everyday occurrence. For the younger set, technology has definitely changed up relationship etiquette.

I want to know what you think . . .

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