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New Twitter Lists Feature Available to Everyone

Twitter Lists: Love It or Leave It?

After a long wait, Twitter has rolled out its Lists feature to all users.

The new feature allows you to group the people you follow into categories, which means less clutter on the homepage. Plus, you can view or subscribe to other users' lists. There's also an option to make your lists private, though they default to public. I haven't gotten a chance to play around with the lists feature yet, but I'm looking forward to testing it out. What do you think of this new feature? If you're using it, please share your favorite lists below!

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aniline aniline 7 years
I think once my Twitter clients update with list functionality it will be useful. Right now I'm not entirely sure what to do with it except read various lists I've been added to and follow people from them that are entertaining.
Baby-Girl Baby-Girl 7 years
It would be a great feature for me if it didn't only work with the twitter homepage. I use tweetdeck on my desktop and my phone.
artisticme artisticme 7 years
I really like this new feature. Although, I don't use it in the 'traditional' sense. I've made all my lists private, thus creating a quick filtering/grouping tool for my timeline; this really helps if you follow a lot of people. Now, I only have to wait for my favorite Twitter clients to somehow integrate 'Lists' into their apps and I'll be set. :)
T-S T-S 7 years
I like it. I'd like to be able to separate the "celebrities" I follow (if Peter Sagal and John Dickerson count...) from people I know in real life. I wish the navigation was a bit more intuitive, but I'm sure that will improve.
kia kia 7 years
I use a different website to read my twitter feed so the list only would serve as another popularity contest in my twitter world. Another way to re-create high school cliques online.
caroline_1 caroline_1 7 years
I understand the idea/need for lists, but I'm not totally down with it yet.. I was part of the first wave of testing, so I've had lists for a few weeks, but haven't really used the feature yet.
candygirl012 candygirl012 7 years
i think that it would be better if twitter made the lists option privately.
sparklestar sparklestar 7 years
I never use the website to view my tweets so pretty redundant for me.
Complexitii Complexitii 7 years
Anyone who says that Twitter's new list feature is a "Leave It" or useless doesn't understand Twitter. And unless you understand Twitter or plan to find out the network's purpose, you shouldn't even have an account. If you don't want to network, share links, find a job, find a scholarship, build your brand, etc... don't even make the account. There are plent of other networks for people who don't want to do anything useful. With all that said, the lists are a plus. Now when I go to a Tweeter's profile, I have another validation source to see if it will be worth it to follow. I ask: - Do thet have a profile pic? - What is their Follower / Following count/ratio? Are they following more people than are following them? - Do they have a bio that really describes who they are and why I should follow them? - Do they have a website link (even if it's mypsace :[ )? - What do they tweet about? Just links? Just convo? if they don't mix it up, that turns me off. If they tweet too much, that turns me off too. - (and now) What lists are they on? If none, why not? If they are only on lists that are useless ones like "Internet People" then maybe I don't need to be bothered. Furthermore, the hope is that Twitter's apps will sync with these lists. And "FollowFridays" will be much easier considering it's time-consuming as is.* *If you don't know what "FollowFriday" is, GOOGLE it.
kcwebgirl kcwebgirl 7 years
i thought the idea of it was cool but then i noticed everyone tweeting about how many lists they were on and who they put on lists. it was annoying.
bethinabox bethinabox 7 years
I suppose it would be useful for someone who has a LOT of Twitters that they follow, but I don't have that many so it's just as easy to see them all at once.
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