Rolling out to Xbox systems everywhere today is the New Xbox Experience — Microsoft's dashboard update for your 360. What's the big deal, you ask? Well, it's only a big deal if you like customization, visual appeal, and an easier way to browse and stream those Netflix videos through your gaming console!

The new dashboard will feature a horizontal row of boxes to navigate through, instead of the previous side blades that acted as the menu screens for the different functions. You'll get boxes dedicated to Xbox Live, your games, music, photos, and media, as well as tabs dedicated to Xbox events, game and music marketplaces, and your friends. But what's my favorite part about the new dashboard? Find out when you


My favorite (and the most newsworthy) features have to be the new avatars (which are highly customizable and I'll say it — kinda remind me of the Wii's Mii avatars), and the slick new Netflix viewer, which allows you to stream hi-def movies on-demand like you would on your computer. The New Xbox Experience is available today via a system update, but if you want a more detailed look into what you'll be jumping into, check out Joystiq's extensive look into the new dashboard in their video exposé.