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What Your New Year's Eve Will Look Like, in Memes

Dec 31 2014 - 11:01am

Another year, another batch of hilarious New Year's Eve memes. You know how stressful (which party? which resolutions?) the time can be, and boy, so do your favorites like Grumpy Cat and the Forever Alone Rock. Check 'em out now, and ring in the New Year with some laughs in between those sips of Champagne.

Said Everyone Ever

Source: Troll Meme [1]

Face It, Keanu

Source: Quickmeme [2]

Saddest Smooch Ever

Source: Quickmeme [3]

Feisty Feline

Source: Quickmeme [4]

That's Deep

Source: DIY LOL [5]

Because Hipsters Love Cheesecake

Source: Troll Meme [6]

At Least We're All in It Together

Source: Cheezburger [7]

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