There are a lot of things you could send your significant other on Valentine's Day, but did you ever think a virtual condom would be one of them? New York health officials are now giving you the option. Hoping to increase the use of condoms in their city, the NYC Department of Health has unveiled a new Facebook page to promote condom use, and an app that allows you to send an e-condom to your pals.

What's the deal with the e-condoms? With HIV rates in New York rising (over 100,000 residents testing positive), the need for protection is more important than ever. Officials are hoping to reach millions by using the social networking site to spread the word, allowing users to send a virtual version of its branded "city" condom, which has been handed out to 70 million people in New York so far. So for those of you who are connected to the Internet 24/7, you can protect yourself in reality. . . and now even in cyberspace as well.