By now, it shouldn't surprise you that the cornerstones of the hugely successful video game franchise Grand Theft Auto are sex and violence. The San Andreas version's hidden sex scenes even spurred a class-action lawsuit, where offended buyers could sue, but what the lawyers in this case were most surprised by were how few people actually cared about the scenes — only 2,676 filed claims (of the millions of GTA consumers).

Maybe they were more perturbed by the senseless killings of innocent randoms? Of the dialogues I have heard on GTA, more people cite the extreme violence of the game as what bothers them, over the tasteless sexuality portrayed in the game. While I'm a little more disturbed by people using avatars to mindlessly blow the heads off others, I also wouldn't want my (imaginary) young kids watching sex scenes in their games (especially in the nature of GTA; you know what I'm talking about).

A few months ago, I did a poll asking whether sex and violence in games bothered you or not, which turned out to be somewhat of a three-way split among, "Yes, it does," "No, it doesn't," and "I love sex and violence!" Now, I'd like to find out which is the worse offender. So, you weigh in: Which bothers you more, sex or violence?