So you weren't one of the thousands who stood in line for the highly anticipated iPhone, and you aren't overly thrilled about dropping $600 for a new cell phone. Well I've got a couple of solutions which may do the trick- although they require you to be open-minded and think outside the iPhone box...hee hee.

  • Hand Knit iPhone: After I saw this creation on technabob, which was made for one lucky kid by his mother, I knew some of geeksugar's crafty readers may find this to be the perfect (and cost effective) alternative to a real iPhone. To learn how to make your very own, click here.
  • iPhone Ringtones: What else could make you feel that much closer to a real iPhone? Ringtones of course! Your cell phone may not look and feel like an iPhone, but it can sure sound like one thanks to Coolest Gadgets who provided this insider info. Click here to download the official iPhone ringtones on your phone- no one will know the difference!