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Nice MyCar is Next Big Thing in Small Electric Vehicles

Nice and Tiny: The New Smart Car?

I can't get enough of Smart Cars, whether it's because one of Sugar's own is testing it out or because George Clooney is standing next to his Tango; it's the fun, green hotness right now. Now we have Nice's MyCar, and though it could be called the Smart Car's competitor, I like to think of it as SC's BFF, since we can only welcome petite, earth-friendly autos.

The geeky elements of this electric vehicle include bluetooth, a laptop dock in the passenger seat (!), and a radio/MP3 player. Basically, the only reason to get out of this little car is to stretch your legs.

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allenfre allenfre 8 years
This should have a better gas mileage than those previous electric cars. I like the accessories included.
Allyace Allyace 9 years
Ha, no way you would survive an highway accident in one of these things. As much as I would love to save on gas and do my part for the enviro, I would prefer to keep my head attached to my body.
beingtazim beingtazim 9 years
i think this would be a great alternative for people who just drive to work (mostly alone!) or have a job where you need to get around a lot maybe for those people who have 2 cars - they should trade one in for this or a smart or a little car.
beingtazim beingtazim 9 years
cute, but it wouldn't have enough room for the only things i'd ever use a car for - groceries (i use an organic food delivery service now or go to the farmer's market, but who knows where i'll eventually live?), out of town travel, and carrying around my future dog to go to the vet etc...and car camping! :) i think the smart looks like it has more trunk space.
soapbox soapbox 9 years
My neighbor has one and I find it's pretty cool. My dad thinks it's the most impractical thing ever since we get tons of snowstorms near here. In fact, it does look like it might blow away on a windy day....
BostonChick BostonChick 9 years
I think it's cute but it's too small. I'm all for going green but this wouldn't work for me for a lot of the reasons stated above.
kcwebgirl kcwebgirl 9 years
i want a tribe of kids so this would never work for my future family. and who would survive in it if it were rolled over by a navigator or suburban?
Rose-Cullen Rose-Cullen 9 years
Only if it comes in black! :ROTFL:
tlight tlight 9 years
I dig it.. All about the electric car.. you know, as soon as they make it legal to drive up here..
slackferno slackferno 9 years
Unfortunately, it tops out at 40 mph, making it impractical for me. I'll keep the Smart ForTwo on my wish list and keep filling the 8 gallon tank in my '94 Geo Metro once every two weeks whether it needs it or not.
GeeksDreamGirl GeeksDreamGirl 9 years
I absolutely love small cars! Although, I am falling in car lust with the Prius, which is not quite small... but very gas efficient!
neko neko 9 years
It looks like a closed golf cart.
Evalicious Evalicious 9 years
Although this is an adorable car, it is completely impractical. I can't imagine what a big rig or SUV would do to this in an accident.Would be great if you lived in a smaller city or beach community. But I live in Houston Texas.
bleached bleached 9 years
So cute! Totally impractical if you have a family though...
albeli albeli 9 years
That's so cute! Too bad it wouldn't work as a family car--we have 3 kids. But it'd be great for when one or two of us go run errands.
rabidmoon rabidmoon 9 years
Oh I have to say..10 years ago this car would have made me laugh but today I find it cute, responsible, and my boyfriend can play videogames while I all around! :D
girlygirl10 girlygirl10 9 years
I love all the new hybrids and electric cars coming out. So cute!! Just wish we could get some more fab euro cars here in the US besides the Smart car! My favorite right now is the Mindset car in...Switzerland, oh well.
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