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Nickelodeon's Nick Arcade Game Show

Vintage Geek: Get in the Game With Nick Arcade!

No idea why, but earlier today a memory of watching Nick Arcade on Nickelodeon in the early '90s popped into my head. The game featured two teams of young kids, facing off in all kinds of video game challenges before the ultimate final round: competing IN an actual video game. Looking up a clip on YouTube, these kids look a little less excited (scared even) than I remember. And I also remember the final round always being just a little bit awkward, as if contestants couldn't quite figure out how to maneuver inside of the "game."

The show aired in 1992 for just two seasons. Do you remember it?

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Join The Conversation
sumshel sumshel 7 years
yes! i loved this show!!!
xgreenfairyx xgreenfairyx 7 years
Nick Arcade!!! I LOVED that show! Oh, memories....*sniff*
TrulyLoved TrulyLoved 7 years
I totally remember watching this. Isn't there a part where the person was like "in the game" too?
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