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Nintendo 3DS Street Pass

New Obsession: Nintendo 3DS Street Pass

Nintendo knew what they were doing when it included the Street Pass feature in the new 3DS. What is Street Pass, you ask? Well, your 3DS comes with the ability to broadcast and receive Mii characters from other 3DS users as you pass each other on the street, in the grocery store, or in my case this weekend, at WonderCon, when communication is activated. Information shared includes your Mii's look, a custom message, and the last game you played on your 3DS. You're notified when you've collected a new character by the illuminated green light on the top of your console.

As you gather Miis, they gather in your Mii Plaza where you'll have the ability to play new RPG-style games with them and collect pieces to complete special puzzles. It's incredibly fun, and ensures that you'll want to take your 3DS with you wherever you go. I collected almost 50 Mii characters in the three days I attended WonderCon, and I'm kinda obsessed with getting more. Have you activated Street Pass on your 3DS yet?

Ted601 Ted601 6 years
Well I went into a game shop and I got 10! So here's some good places to go: Air port, Train Station, Game stores, Museums, city's, buses, bus station, towns, walking anywhere. Hope this helped.
anonymoushippopotamus anonymoushippopotamus 6 years
Anon#1: I work on the medical campus so I guess I'll have to venture south to pass some people. Thanks for the tip!
karyney karyney 6 years
Just got my 3DS on Sunday and waited until I got screen protectors on it (last night) before venturing out with it. I don't have it turned on, but maybe I will leave it on tomorrow at work since I walk a lot. It should be interesting. I can't imagine I'd pick up that many Miis where I typically hang out, but maybe I'll try the next time I go to a big mall.
anonymoushippopotamus anonymoushippopotamus 6 years
The 3DS is the exact same size as the DS lite; I actually prefer this size to the DSi because the lite doesn't cramp up my hands. I can say I'm very pleased with this purchase. I bought it mostly cause my boyfriend and I fight over who gets to play the DS, but the new features are definitely perks. The 3D is pretty amazing and I think many people are making a bigger deal about the "sweet spot" than warranted. Apparently no one in Tucson owns one because I've been walking around with it since last Sunday and I've had no hits :(
aniline aniline 6 years
I love Street Pass! I think it's my favorite thing about my 3DS so far. I've only picked up one Mii so far but I've only had it for a day, so I think I'm doing pretty well. heh. I also love the earning coins with pedometer feature. I walk a whole lot, so I got my 10 coins for the day before I even got to work.
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