The good news about the US launch of the Nintendo DSi is that it's going to cost you $10 less than previously thought, at $170. The bad news is, you're still going to have to wait till April 5 to get your hands on one! Although I'm in love with my DS, I'm saving up as we speak for Nintendo's newest handheld device.

I'm excited not only because of its two — count 'em, two — cameras (one on the outside, and one facing the user) that you can use to manipulate photos (kinda like Apple's Photobooth), but also because of its voice recorder and music player that allow you to record and play your own music from an SD card. Oh, and its wireless capabilities, giving you access to games on-the-go from the DSiWare store. It's obviously the best DS ever. Are you anxiously awaiting the DSi's arrival like me?