Say what you will about Nintendo and the Wii, but the company and console have had a very good year. From selling out before it was even released to being labeled a key part of the "exergaming" craze the Wii Sports has revolutionized gaming and brought in fans of all ages - from people in old folks homes to yours truly.

So clearly, it was no shock to me when I heard Fortune Magazine had decided to put the company - and more specifically the semi-controversial Wii-mote - on its cover. The cover story, "Wii will rock you," looks at how the Wii "beat the pants off Sony and Microsoft." Here's more:

While game consoles typically attract youngish males with an antisocial streak, the Wii is bringing people of all demographics together: in nursing homes, for Wii bowling leagues, on cruise ships, at coed (!) Wii-themed parties and, of course, in lines - as hordes of consumers clamor to buy the impossible-to-find $250 machine. Nintendo is churning out over a million units a month and still can't meet demand.

The article goes on to shed some light on Nintendo's legendary videogame designer Shigeru Miyamoto, who at 54 is still as hip and tuned into gaming culture as ever. It also divulges that the word "Nintendo" is an amalgamation of three symbols: nin, meaning "leave to"; ten, for "heaven"; and do, "company." The most common translation in Kyoto is "the company that leaves to heaven." Coincidence?