There is one group that has been neglected for long enough, and I'm seriously itching to learn about all you geeks and friends of geeks who peruse our pages. Don't be shy — nominate a Geek of the Week!

Tell us why your fave geek deserves the title, whether she has named all her gadgets after characters in Doctor Who, if you've caught him on tape while he ritualistically prepares for online Gears of War matches, or maybe she has choreographed an interpretive dance to the BSG theme song. It's all fair game and high time we celebrate the geek in all of us! Post your pics and YouTube vids to show us why they are so adorably geeky. Oh, and outing your fave celeb geeks is fully encouraged also!

To learn how to post to our Geek of the Week Group,


I know that this long list looks scary, but trust me, once you get the hang of it, it'll be a snap the second time around.

    First of all, join the Geek of the Week group.

    Click the pink "Share" menu on the top left side of the page.

    Choose "Blog" and “Regular Post.”

    Give your story a “Title.”

    Fill in the “Body” with examples of why you love your nominated geek.

    Click “Next."

    Choose the audience for your story to “Geek of the Week” in the drop-down menu

    Add keyword(s) (for example mine for this post was "Geek of the Week").

    Change channel to “Technology and Gadgets.”

    Fill in tag field with relevant tags.

    Click “I’m done” to submit content.

    So join the Geek of the Week group and share information about all your favorite geeky cohorts! Yours just might end up on the geeksugar homepage!