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Noob May Be Added to the English Dictionary as One Millionth Word

"Noob" May Be Added to the Dictionary: PWN to Follow?

Once used to describe new recruits during WWII, the word "noob" (aka n00b) has emerged from the gaming community and into the Internet and beyond (beyond includes jewelry), to describe anyone who is new or green somewhere, often with negative connotations.

It's become more and more well-known to the general public, rather than just the provenance of the MMORPG community, and it's possible its usage is about to skyrocket: the word noob may be the next word to be added to the English dictionary.

If this news from the Global Language Monitor is true, noob will not just be a legitimate word, it'll also be the one millionth — quite a feat for a word that's usually spelled with two zeroes.

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cheekyredhead cheekyredhead 7 years because I am a noob and fully admit it somehow due to cherryblossom's above rant only true geeks can call me that and mean I guess until a certified real geek calls me a noob then I am just a "noob poser" Wait.....My IT guru husband, a database administrator, calls me "noob" all the time! I guess that makes me a "bonified noob" so....cherryblossom do I need to give you any credentials?
RadishSalad RadishSalad 8 years
I agree with cherryblossom!! <3
cherryblossom cherryblossom 8 years
Another thing, it annoys me to a great extent that because of everyone trying to jump on the "geeky" bandwagon that some celebrities these days are trying to portray as what is the next cool thing to do, really really really takes down the level of entertainment and quality of new video games, since they have to be made with money in mind for the new type of consumer we just get flooded with all these guitar hero games and main stream things that catch on with the sheep of the world instead of serious games that provide good quality entertainment that us actual hardcore gamers would like to see more time and effort put into more being made. I think this saturation of geek in todays media is ruining everything and id be appreciative if it stopped.
cherryblossom cherryblossom 8 years
actually to be plain and blunty honest, as a lady geek i seriously hate it when things of the geek culture become a fad and the next new thing for everyone else, i dont appreciate it because the banwagon of people who jump on everything because its "new and exciting" are annoying and why cant you just say your own words that apply to your own life and the things you do rather than pushing geek culture out into the media, it changes everything, Id rather the geeky stuff I love stay something that is loved and appreciated within a community that FULLY understands it, not spread around for all the consumers and fad jumpers to hitch onto and drop a few months down the line.
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