Even though I prefer pen and paper to digital note-taking, there are some things that shouldn't be written down. Honestly, I find it a little ironic that there's a product called My Top-Secret Passwords Pad ($7). Top-secret? Sure, if it's locked in a drawer!

I'm obviously wary to write down my passwords in fear they could get lost, stolen, or somehow fall into the wrong hands. Unfortunately, my reluctance to record them creates another problem: I am now probably registered with 30 websites requiring a username and password. I try to use the same or similar passwords for sites like blogs I'm registered with or other sites that don't contain important or private information, but there's always the rogue site that requires you come up with an intricate combination of letters, numbers, and special characters during their registration process.

In those cases, I suppose keeping my passwords written down in a central location wouldn't be that terrible — and this notepad is pretty cute. With space for the site name, user name, password, email used, and security questions it certainly covers all the bases.