Edie Falco's new show Nurse Jackie has not only won a place in my heart for its casting of Twilight's Peter Facinelli as another doctor, but for pushing the iPhone within the first five minutes of its first episode.

A patient in the ER tells Facinelli's character, "Doc you gotta get an iPhone," (watch the scene on Buzz). Somehow I don't think that Mac-loving Facinelli is averse to Apple products, but I'll keep watching Nurse Jackie to see if his onscreen counterpart does.

That line also hit me — I have uttered the classic, "You gotta get an iPhone" line many a time, as well as the ol', "You gotta get a TiVo," "You gotta get a PS3," etc., etc.

I can't help it, I'm a gadget freak whose life has been made easier by my assorted tech toys, and I want to spread the gospel. Do you do the same to your friends, family, or colleagues?