Have you ever wondered if you can text as fast as texting junkies like Paris Hilton or Rosario Dawson?

While I have no clue how fast either of the ladies text, LG is hosting the National Texting Championship NY edition and you too can get in on the finger fun. Players will compete in pools and be asked to type phrases on their enV / V handsets (yes, you have to be an LG user) exactly as they appear with no typos or abbreviations.

The first player in each pool who sends an error-free message to the right contact will advance to the next round. As game play continues, the phrases to be texted will increase in difficulty.

The west coast contest has already happened, but after the East Coast Texting Champion has been crowned, the bi-coastal winners will wage war for an additional $15,000. The LG National Texting Champion will win a total of $25,000. Like OMG - WISP. Oh wait, no abbreviations allowed. Like oh my god - winning is so pleasurable!