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Oh Happy Day: Freaks and Geeks Desktop Wallpapers

Because I'm on a Freaks and Geeks viewing kick, I dug these up for the loyal fans — and if you know F&G, you're a diehard — who are more geeky than freaky. There's 30 fabulous free Freaks and Geeks desktop wallpapers to choose from; I plan on rotating them according to my moods, like say, when I get picked last for dodgeball.

Oh, seeing their shiny faces makes me feel like they never went off the air and are instead living some awesome fictional life, where Lindsay Weir went with her math instincts and represented with an adult-geek-girl job, and Bill Haverchuck became my BFF.

missmari missmari 9 years
Yay!!! SO happy about this! I love the show and am happy to have their faces on my lap top!
annietym annietym 9 years
the wallpaper with the ventriloquist dummy just made me crack up.. i had forgotten about it.
mo_ri_ah mo_ri_ah 9 years
The only show that I actually wrote a letter to the network about.. when they took it off the air, I was so bummed.
Tech Tech 9 years
gemsera--absolutely. You should check it out ASAP!
shellgurl shellgurl 9 years
omg! you totally read my mind! i'm currently watching episode 10. :) thanks!
gemsera gemsera 9 years
WTH is F & G? I think us from outside the US are confused? is it something I should get on dvd?
lenepocket lenepocket 9 years
I love F&G!!!!! :)
kcwebgirl kcwebgirl 9 years
oh how i love thee. let me count the freaks!!!
LilGlamDiva LilGlamDiva 9 years
aaagh so good. They were such a great cast. I'm glad they all (most of them?) went on to do more things!
kia kia 9 years
Hoorah! I was really hoping that NBC would re-broadcast the season while the writers' strike was going on.
ilanac13 ilanac13 9 years
this is the upsetting thing - there's SUCH A HUGE FOLLOWING for the show or anything F&G - and they still didn't keep the show on the air while they could. oh well. i read though an interview with james franco and he was talking about how immature he was acting while on the show - and to see how he's grown - it's just impressive. if i wasn't a die hard SATC fan - i would switch out my wallpaper for this instead.
caroline_1 caroline_1 9 years
i love love loveeee F+G!!! ..Lindsay Weir kinda did get a geeky girl job in Grandmas Boy as the overseer of EDS3's release at Brainasium (ok, ive seen the movie too many times) ..and i totally adore how they all still show up in Apatow films :) anddd Busy Phillips had a baby this week too!! F+G is all over the 'news' this week!
gonedelirious gonedelirious 9 years
AWESOME! I love F & G and I love you!
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