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Olympus Head Akira Watanabe Says That Twelve Megapixels Is Enough For Consumer Digital Cameras

How Many Megapixels Does Your Camera Have?

Are you a megapixel hoarder, just waiting for them to up the total in your next new digital camera? Well, exec Akira Watanabe of Olympus says that 12 megapixels is plenty — "enough for covering most applications most customers need."

I have to agree with him, especially that considering once you get to a certain point, the average person doesn't need that many megapixels, considering what most people end up doing with their photos.

I get wonderful quality out of the 6 of my little point-and-shoot, and beautiful, rich photos with the 10 of my DSLR.

I doubt this declaration will put any cap on the rising number though (megapixels being the high-thread count in the digital photography world), but now I'm curious — how many megapixels does your digital camera have? Do you want more?


courtneymango courtneymango 8 years
i have a canon g10 with 14 megapixels! ;D
macgirl macgirl 8 years
I can respect that, I just wanted to maybe clarify why you might want the megapixels as I do believe you are correct that some may not totally understand them :-) I do some very large canvas prints as well as some great cropped art pieces so they do matter to me.
misogi misogi 8 years
macgirl - Megapixels aren't that important to me because I don't plan on printing out anything larger than a standard sheet of paper, and I think that's true for most people who shop for digital cameras. That's why I said that the focus on megapixels is basically a marketing ploy, because most people don't need 10MPs on their point & shoot camera.
macgirl macgirl 8 years
I disagree about megapixels not meaning much. While they don't make your photo better per se, they do allow you to do larger prints and crop small portions and print them out at a decent size. To me that's important. If you aren't cropping or printing large prints then you don't need the megapixels. If I can get a cameral with 10 megapixels for the same price as I got 5 megapixels 3 years ago why wouldn't I do it?
misogi misogi 8 years
7MP from my Canon P&S - but like CoralAmber said, megapixels don't mean much to me anymore. It's just a huge marketing ploy to make the average consumer spend more money because they think that more MPs are going to make their photos look professional without effort...
CoralAmber CoralAmber 8 years
I don't care as much about megapixels. I want a slim camera with a good lens.
kia kia 8 years
My new DSLR is 12 and my fave point and shoot is 7.
starangel82 starangel82 8 years
5 MP. I need a new camera.
glam-sugar glam-sugar 8 years
I bought mine a few years ago and it's got 8, which is decent but I'd love more. :)
sundaygreen sundaygreen 8 years
i have a canon powershot G10 and it has 14.7 mil effective pixels.
CoconutPie CoconutPie 8 years
I have a 5 megapixels point-and-shoot Sony camera that does an amazing job and I have an 8 megapixels Canon DSLR. I find a lot of people want more megapixels and they don't even know why. They think they will take better pictures, which isn't necessarily true. I'm happy with what I have.
i-heart-monster i-heart-monster 8 years
8.3 for me... i'm wanting more though.
midori0e midori0e 8 years
If you have to include all the cameras that I have on hand including the ones on my cellular phone(s), I've about close to 12meg pixels. Separately, I've about only 8meg pixels with the weatherproof camera.
lovekailua lovekailua 8 years
6...i have a nikon d40 DSLR...I find it funny when people comment on how "expensive" my camera is an entry level DSLR that costs less than some point and shoots! of course the lenses get pricey but since I don't have much time (or ANY money) to learn it now, I'm set with 18-55 and 55-200. I really hope to learn to use them and someday have money to upgrade lenses. I will never go back, I love it!
macgirl macgirl 8 years
Oops, I thought I only had like 3 but I just looked and it's actually 5. I'm in need of a new cameral though. I am waiting for GPS for geotagging in a small elph sized package. It also has to take an SD card so I can use my Eye-Fi card. I will wait this out. I will win. ;-)
MissMarisol MissMarisol 8 years
I have a 10MP Canon SD790.
margokhal margokhal 8 years
I have a Sony 8 MP that I bought a year ago...but now I'm seeing 10MP for the SAME price!! Gaah it makes me upset at the pace of technology, because I always want MORE MP! Your pictures can't be clear enough! I would buy an SLR, except I'm no pro, don't ever plan on being one, I can't justify the price or carrying around something so large. If it can't fit in my pocket, I don't want it.
bengalspice bengalspice 8 years
I have a DSLR that is 10.
bethinabox bethinabox 8 years
Sadly I don't have a digital camera. But you know I don't think I'd use one all that often if I did... If I do get one, it'll probably just be around 8 megapixels. I wouldn't need more than that, really.
katiegirl0813 katiegirl0813 8 years
I have a old polariod, idk how many pixles it is. It works great, and prints, no hassle! Katie :)
theonlyjess theonlyjess 8 years
7 or 8 - but 10x optical zoom - which I never use! lol Am hoping to upgrade to a nice canon!
mynameischief mynameischief 8 years
I have the Canon Digital Rebel SLR first gen so it's only 6mp but it takes great pictures though. I also have a 6mp elph also by Canon... I bought that one and like three months later they came out with the 7mp one. That's the thing with technology, I mean, right now I can buy a 12mp canon for less than the 6mp one I bought two and half years ago. *sigh
kscincotta kscincotta 8 years
I only have five, but I definitely want more!
lolmisstran lolmisstran 8 years
I Have An Exilim. 8 MegaPixels :]
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