I've had plenty of experiences where I had to wait what seemed like forever to see my doctor. Whether it be waiting months for a routine physical, or hanging out longer than expected in the waiting room because he's running behind. Don't even get me started on the hours I've had to take off of work because the only time I could see him is in the middle of the afternoon.

All of these circumstances made me think that a webcam-enabled visit from my doctor would be kinda cool, and a new company called American Well is trying to make that option a reality for the masses. Starting in January, Blue Cross Blue Shield in Hawaii will be offering virtual visits to their members. Patients can log-on at any time, and there will be a physician available for them to ask questions, get advice, and get prescriptions. Kinda like a phone visit, but with some face-to-face interaction. I like this idea since I'm pretty healthy, and I find that most of my appointments end up being more hassle than they are worth.