My cell phone is way more than a cell phone. It's a navigator, a camera, a messaging device, and a MP3 player all in one. I seriously would feel like I was missing a limb if I ever lost this baby. But now, people are doing even more with their cells, like checking bank balances, transferring funds, and setting up automatic bill pay on their bank accounts. More than eight million customers are expected to use mobile banking by the end of this year, which is up from almost two million from the end of 2007, and with even more banks making mobile banking readily available, that number should rise even higher by 2010.

Even though making purchases from your cell is yesterday's news, mobile banking still has growing pains dealing with the issue of security. A whopping 65 percent of respondents in a recent poll said that not knowing if their info is secure is the top reason they do not participate in mobile banking. But, I have to ask: didn't we feel the same way about online banking when that first hit the streets?