Mondays are almost always manic and seem especially rough when they mark the start of a month. Manage your stress this month— and better enjoy the last magical moments of Summer — by taking some time early in the month of August to organize your technology so it can help you stay on track. Here are some helpful techie guides to help you get through the month.

  1. Email Yourself Important Numbers — Send yourself an email with that locker combo, to-do list, holiday gift guides, and your brother-in-law's shoe size so you always have the deets in your email archives.
  2. Use Your Cell Phone's Camera to Make Your Life Easier — Having a cell phone with a camera isn't just a fun feature — it can make your life easier and help you remember little things you'd otherwise forget.
  3. Download Productivity Apps — Stay on track with the help of automatic reminders and to-do lists.
  4. Guide to Getting Organized Online — With the plethora of websites and programs designed to keep you organized and on track, there's really no excuse for being disastrously unorganized online.
  5. Followupthen Email Reminders Keep You on Task — Stay on top of personal to-dos or work assignments by sending yourself an easy, automatic reminder with a deadline to get it done.

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  1. Store Your Go-To Cords in One Place — Make sure your camera cord and charger, extra computer power cord, shuffle cord, iPhone cord, travel BlackBerry charger, and an extra USB cord are all in the same place so you can grab what you need in a jiffy.
  2. Clean Up Your Computer — Declutter your digital life when you purge your computer of any old files, folders, and media taking up needed space. But, don't let the cleaning stop there — be sure to give your computer a thorough cleanup on the outside too!
  3. Organize Receipts Online — If tax season teaches us one thing, it's that all our receipts count. But, don't go crazy trying to round up crumpled bits of paper, instead make it easy on yourself when you open a Shoeboxed account.
  4. Organize Your Networking Accounts — Cataloging your trillions of social networking accounts makes cleaning out your packed closet feel like a walk in the park with an ice cream. Make an organization effort.
  5. Get Digital Photos in Order — If you have files of unshared digital photos going to waste, get them online easily with Flickr where you can organize and share with friends — and ensure those great pics aren't going to waste and unseen.