As the title character of Michael Clayton, George Clooney is stunning as a conflicted lawyer, and as that lawyer, he's outfitted appropriately with the latest gadgets and technology. Most notable is his BlackBerry, which is glued to his hand and ear and provides the picture of a modern, hardworking attorney on the case of his life. Happily for me, the BlackBerry wasn't the only tech eye-candy — in fact, there were many gadgets that played important roles in the plot.

A GPS device goes haywire, foreshadowing an upcoming scene. Bluetooth earpieces and digital cameras are made sinister by villains to undertake evil deeds, while an iPod is outfitted completely in black — including headphones — to echo the ominous scene it appears in. Finally, in my favorite gadget scene in the whole movie, Michael Clayton uses a camera phone after he delivers the best line in the film. Of the Best Picture nominees, I'm pretty sure Michael Clayton is the geekiest — and that Clooney ain't too shabby, either.

Photos courtesy of Warner Bros.