I seem to be the only person in my family that knows anything about computers - or at least that's what the two to three phone calls a week from distant relatives might suggest. Grandma wants to know how to add paper to the printer, mom wants to know how to add an attachment and dad wants help with Photoshop. It never ends, and every story is funnier than the last. Because family tech stories are inherently funny, I've been challenging you guys to share your stories and Bonne has come through with a couple, deliciously funny situations.

Recently, Bonne's Dad called her saying that his computer wouldn't print. "I walked him through the whole - is it on? Does it have paper? Does it have ink? - type of deal until he brought it over," said Bonne. "I let it sit for about a month before I actually got to looking at it. It turns out that he brought the wrong ink cartridge and tried to jam it in until it 'fit.' Ink is ink, eh?" For more of Bonne's hilarious stories, which include some great ideas for helping non-techies take control of their own computers, just

  • Bonne's mom couldn't figure out the difference between left click and right click - until she put friendly left/right stickers on the mouse. Geeksugar tip: If you have a family member that can't get the right click thing down, consider making stickers like Bonne did for her mom.
  • Bonne's Grandpa is surprisingly good at the computer, but he uses a magnifying glass to actually read it. He didn't like any of the other programs to help him and prefered the manual method. Geeksugar tip: If your family member has bad eyesight, adjust their computer's layout accordingly.
  • Bonne's sister is in her twenties and should know the basic of computer uses, but once she was in the process of moving and ended up getting lost. She decided to stop on the side of the road, spend about 30 minutes attaching the PC/moniter/keyboard/mouse together and push the power button. Only to realize that the dang computer wouldn't turn on. She didn't realized that the computer needed to be plugged in to some type of power supply. Geeksugar tip: If your sister is anything like Bonne's tell her about geeksugar!
  • Does your mom think net surfing is a type of sport and your grandma thinks a computer virus is an actual bug? Let us know all your geekilarious family tech stories so we can share experiences and get a good laugh! Click on Funny Family Tech Stories to submit your own memorable family tech tale!